Our Story

Armed with a soldering iron, a small tool kit, and a most generous donation, RestoBytes has been charged with recreating a piece of history. In 2015, Ty picked up his 2001 Apple iBook and felt it needed to have a life again. He scrounged for parts, made connections in the e-waste recycling community, and immersed himself in the technologies and tools of the time. Over the next couple years, he positioned himself as a resident classic Macintosh expert at-large for a recycling center in San Diego, CA that specialized in putting technology back into the hands of users. Since this kind of thing doesn’t pay the bills yet, RestoBytes followed Ty across the country to Portsmouth, VA for a day job and better schooling. RestoBytes is an old idea made more approachable with modern concepts, much like the machines it restores.


A simple lie is easier to accept than listening to the truth teller prattle on about how this and that are all interconnected, but there is a reason for everything under the Naked Sun. The dawn of computers was as complicated as one could possibly make it without a Windows registry. The science of computers, however, is quite simple to express. Math. That’s it. Somewhere in the linage of computers, they stopped being something amazing and revolutionary and the world stopped thinking of what they can do as being special. At some point, computers became so much more powerful than we needed them to be that we forgot just how amazing it is for them to even exist. Through this blog, I intend to make an example of how good things were and perhaps could have been if only we had turned right instead of left at certain points in the heritage of the computer. I will have pieces of my own collection torn open and autopsied for your disgusting indulgences. If you’ve got a screwdriver and a soldering iron, if you have a well dogeared copy of “How to Program C” or “The Macintosh Bible” on your bookshelf, if you’ve got any interest at all in voluntarily putting yourself underneath a 1965 VW during a Michigan winter…I think you will have found a kindred spirit here.

Who We Are

-Ty is an analyst, sailor, renaissance man, engineer, mechanic, architect, carpenter, pilot, father, and husband. Little is through formal training, but the school of experience has provided many detentions for him to learn his crafts.

-Mrs. Ty is an integral part of everything he does and her kind hands are always nearby with band-aids and scotch.

Next Steps…

Have fun reading these tomes, and please leave a comment. I’d love to hear who else thinks that these old birds were fantastic and should still be praised for what wonderful things they can do. If you don’t have the strength or interest to hold on to your own collection, click the link below so that we can talk about sending it on to its next life with the honor it deserves.

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