We’ve Landed!

pexels-photo-327430.jpegResto-Bytes has made the monumental movement across the continent. The day job has required a change of venue and uprooting the entire family has been a toll on creativity. But we are done! At least for a moment. There’s another minor move being demanded here shortly.

There’s nothing quite like putting ten years of one kind of work off behind you and setting off into new and uncharted territory. It calls for a shift in dynamics of how ones day to day life is conducted. Even the change in location (for some) is as frighteningly chaotic as the change in profession. At one point we were considering Seattle, San Antonio, West Virginia, Boston, and Philadelphia all at the same time.

Where we landed is essentially the birthplace of the United States. The Hampton Roads Newport_news_norfolk_portsmouth_rotatedarea is the home of some pretty amazing history. The United States Navy calls this place home for all major operations, so the sights of 4 enormous aircraft carriers in port is common scenery. Almost every day I cross a bridge that memorializes the battle of the iron-clad warships, the Monitor and the Merrimack. The Air Force is frequently launching F-22s and V-22s as a display of their might. And, with Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg just a short drive away, you can view the initial  humble settlements of what would eventually become an incredible world superpower.

So what? We’re here to talk about computers and what makes them so wonderful. Who cares about politics and the shaping of an entire nation? Well nothing is more important in the education of an individual than the stories that are told to him and the stories he will tell to somebody else. That’s all history class every was. We just had garbage history teachers. This is something I hope to change.

When folks think about history class, their eyes roll back in their heads and most people start compiling their shopping lists for the weekend. But everybody loves a good sea story. Even if it’s another “big one that got away” and we know it’s a fat foolish fabrication, we listen and chuckle and allow J.B. to tell it all over again, because while he’s talking about how he struggled with that imaginary musky we are learning at least a little bit about who he is.

When we say, “J.B.’s a big fat liar, but he’s such a good guy,” this is the kind of thing we mean. J.B. has enthusiasm and warmth when he talks. He doesn’t talk about how it’s amazing that he’s got a new phone, he talks about how he conquered nature itself! We now know that it’s something important to him. We know that if we need to get through a snow storm or if we need to get a hornet’s nest out of the attic…J.B. is our go-to guy!

So I don’t care too awful much for what politics and nationalism tend to do to people. But, I do care about what makes people become what they are. With the computers that play such a huge supporting role in our lives, they have a story all of their own too. And their story has a lot of politics and economics and back-biting and even a little bit of history. It should be a fun trip down the rabbit hole, if we’ve learned anything from the White Rabbit. Well…from the Hatter, anyway.

Welcome to Virginia!

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